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If a person performs well in one cognitive test, he or she also performs well on other tests administered and this was the trend.This is the ability of the human mind to play around with 2-dimensional as well as 3-dimensional figures.This was a shift in thought that one can be born as intelligent or not but as a child grows, they begin to learn and nurture intelligence so according to him, he does acknowledge that one is either born with it or not but as the person grows, he or she, will develop some primary features which will now determine whether the person is intelligent or not.This means we can write an assignment for me services are officially registered.They tend to be loners and are in tune with what they feel inside.Humans tend to remember things by associating the thing to another that they know very well.

The nature versus nurture debate has been a classic controversy among experts for centuries.Content: Nature Versus Nurture: What Affects a Person More, Their Genes or Their Surroundings and the Way They are Raised.These get the concepts first then get into the details of the concepts.A controversial case study of the nature theory is the case of Albert, the young orphan, psychologist John Watson, performed experiments on to prove that the acquisition of a phobia could be explained by classical conditioning proving that nurture is the correct school of thought.

Today, a new approach to deal with this question is emerging.The second camp sitting on the other side of the fence is the advocates for nurture.Practical intelligence has been seen to be needed when a human being is to adapt to an environment in the best possible way while analytic intelligence referred to the processes that go in the mind so as to express intelligence.Get help with your Vancouver referencing with our free online tool.Nature Vs Nurture Essays: Over 180,000 Nature Vs Nurture Essays, Nature Vs Nurture Term Papers, Nature Vs Nurture Research Paper, Book Reports. 184 990 ESSAYS, term.Novartis Foundation. (2001). The Nature of Intelligence No. 233. New York: Wiley John and Sons.

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An example of this is swimming, no one knows how to swim automatically, and they have to be taught.The nurture school of thought was championed by American psychologists who starting with simple models of learning, such as conditioning, argued that behaviour is learned, modified due to experience, and not, at least in humans, contains by evolutionary history.Educators know understand that individuals have different kinds of intelligence and given the nature of the instructions or unit being taught then proper means of teaching should be adopted so as to ensure that the learning process is as smooth as possible.Depending on what base you are talking about intelligence, it may fall under natural or being inborn but if we are to look at it from a success point of view then we can easily say it is nurtured.The tools here are therefore anything that can help produce music.

Armstrong, T. (1999). 7 (Seven) Kinds of Smart: Identifying and Developing Your Multiple Intelligences.The relative role of nature versus nurture in the shaping of living systems is a central issue in many areas of biology.

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People in this camp argue that man is a product of his environment.The next theory discussed in this paper is the theory of multiple intelligences by Howard Garner.This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.This is also true for individuals who are virtuosos and experts as well as people from different cultures.This evidence has been generated from a number of twin, family, and adoption studies as well as laboratory experiments.He introduced the general intelligence concept or the g factor to the psychology body of knowledge (Currie, 1995).

For example, if a person shows interpersonal intelligence then the best tool to teach such a person is the use of group activities.

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It is therefore difficult to conclude as to whether intelligence is inborn or nurtured once a human being gets to earth.According to Sternberg, general intelligence has been branded as being a family of the renowned analytic intelligence and it is the combination of the three fundamental aspects that one can have full insight into intelligence (Cohen, 1999).Music is their first love but they are also sensitive to the sounds made by birds or those in their environment.These can study with music playing and they can be taught by turning the contents of a lesson into lyrics.This is based on popular assumptions that parents are the most influential things in a Childs environment.

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His results showed him that the scores he got on the mental aptitude tests were surprisingly so similar.The new school emerging to help bring the nature nurture argument to rest professes that there is no war between nature and nurture.He made use of a technique referred to as factor analysis to examine some mental aptitude tests.

Both twins blamed their mothers for their behaviors, while none of the mothers required such neatness.The debate between nature vs nurture is one of the longest and most heated ones in the history of psychology.They are aware of their body movement and they like touching, movement and making things.After a person has realized their natural intelligence, then they can nurture it.

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