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However, Holden Caulfield is similar to many other teenagers who go through the same problems.

The symbols are so important and their symbolism is directly related to the major themes of the novel.This is show throughout the book but especially in the scene where Holden takes Phoebe to the carousel.This shows that Holden wants to be the catcher in the rye so that he can help keep the children their innocence from adults.

The emotional connection between a symbol and a person can only be showed through the heart and soul.Every teenager experience this moment in life differently some sail through happily to carry on with a peaceful life where as others are less fortunate and find that this moment is much more harder and stressful then they thought.He also mentions that he is troubled by the fact that he has changed.Written as the autobiographical account of a fictional teenage prep school student Holden Caulfield, The Catcher in the Rye deals with material that is socially scandalous for the times (Gwynn, 1958).Our nation is, and has always been, a nation succumbing to the weakness of our naivety due to the critical lack of the incandescent wisdom and maturity it needed in order for peace to prevail.There is no coincidence that he holds a striking resemblance to the author of the novel himself.The truth is that interactions with other people usually confuse.

The story, narrated by Holden himself starts a few days before he is set to go home on Christmas break from Pencey Prep.Catcher In The Rye Essays.Write my paper one day.Hw Help Online.Read whole essay sample and order similar papers from us for cheap.He goes out of his way to tell us that he and Jane had no sexual relationship.

He desperately needs human contact and love, but his protective.The entire novel was written from the first person viewpoint of the 17-year-old boy Holden Caulfield.Holden places himself above the crowd because he believes everyone acts phony.This accessible literary criticism is perfect for anyone faced with The Catcher in the Rye essays, papers,.Holden uses this term to describe a wide range of people including shallow, superficial, fake, untruthful, or hypocritical individuals.

In life there comes a time when everyone thinks that they are surrounded by phoniness.But more interesting that the things he knows about himself are the things he does not know about himself.

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Throughout the story Holden emphasizes his love for childhood innocence.He can be a highly insightful narrator, and he is very aware of.That is a staggering one in every fifteen people (2 in our classroom alone).

Many theories have transpired about Holden Caulfield and his problems.The main character, Holden, runs away from his expensive school because he is an academic failure and finds intolerable the company of so many phoneys.The loss of innocence is very common in the development in human existence.

His calls to Jane Gallagher are aborted for a similar reason: to.Studies show that 20 percent of teens will experience teen depression before they reach adulthood.He is haunted by the thought of Allie in the rainy cemetery surrounded by tombstones and dead people.This often happens during the teen years when the person is trying to find a sense of direction.Holden Caulfield, the main character in the novel, is not the typical sixteen year old boy.Even though he was dead, Allie affected the action, theme and development of Holden.

Other works by Salinger include the short story collection Nine Stories, Franny and Zooey, and Raise High The Beam, Carpenter and Seymour.History, Holden likes the world to be silent and frozen, predictable.

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Holden is an average teenager dealing with academic and life problems.Throughout this Bildungsroman narrative, Holden searches for his identity.When he resists change, Holden is fighting the biological clock that eventually will result in old age and death.

The novel The Catcher In The Rye, by J.D. Salinger, contains many complex symbols, many of the symbols in the book are interconnected.Some authors create characters that appear briefly or not at all, but are a significant presence.Perfect for students who have to write The Catcher in the Rye essays The Catcher in the Rye has 2,012,392 ratings and 42,806 reviews. mark said.

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He always compares things that happened in the past to events that happen in the present.Holden does not want to grow up and he thinks that if one is approaching adulthood, one will turn into a phony.Hold has suffered a great loss, the death of his Brother, Allie.

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