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At this point, they are often expected to stay indoors and help with housework instead. Bangalore, India Indian - Muslim sunni. Portrait of a young girl carrying a bag and books. Shutterstock uses cookies to improve your site experience. Buy a monthly pack. Little Boy Blue review: An emotionally raw and powerful account of Rhys Jones's murder.

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Leicester, UK Indian - Muslim sunni. She is unable to communicate except through irritable, unintelligible muttering, said Dr Arun Lal, the district chief medical officer who visited her on Thursday.

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This week news reports from the state of Uttar Pradesh said the girl, aged around eight, had been found by forest rangers in January living with monkeys. Michael Safi in Delhi. Outdoor Portrait of a Little Girl. Initially, he said, she was "highly aggressive", shunned human contact and was constantly trying to flee the hospital and had to be kept in close confinement. Signed model release held by Fotolia.

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