Rebuilding idea manure spreader

rebuilding idea manure spreader

I recently aquired a New Idea manure spreader model 14A. It is in pretty good shape so I have decided to rebuild it. The past owner left a pile of.
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Rebuilding the New Idea Manure Spreader. by Michael Mangen of Necedah, WI. This January I got an exciting fat envelope here at the Journal office...

Rebuilding idea manure spreader tri

Everything else is just me and the sandblaster and the welder. Some crude wagon unloaders were in use then, but they were not satisfactory. The following tables with prices are not the only parts I stock but they are.

Rebuilding idea manure spreader tri Seoul

This will give better leverage for removing the old wood Pic. Man, I have discovered rust. Even if the improvement was small, with a single horse any improvement was likely to increase my chance of success. The following will consist of a basic step-by-step procedure which we have found as most successful in the complete rebuilding of a spreader. Here at your own convenience you can access past articles from Small Farmer's Journal's first forty years and all of the brand new content of new issues. I'd certainly never expected to see it in this shape... Inside was this article on rebuilding New Idea spreaders along with a note from the authors, Mr.

rebuilding idea manure spreader