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However,this problem could be combated taking some effective measures not only from an individual itself but also from the government point of view.Obesity can also be defined as a condition where a person is extremely overweight.The various medical problems that can be initiated or aggravated by obesity include diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, abnormal blood fats, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, fatty liver diseases, gall bladder diseases, fertility and pregnancy problems, in addition to the physical discomfort and psychological stress.This paper will show the causes of this growing epidemic affecting our youth and the health problems it causes, that are usually associated with adults.The main treatment for obesity consists of dieting and physical exercise.

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Secondary obesity is a symptom of some diseases - hypothyroidism, hyperinsulinism, encephaloma, or (which happens rarely though) inherited genetic syndromes.Child Obesity Introduction Obesity refers to an excess amount of fats in the body.Obesity is a disease which not only affects adults but a large number of children also suffer from.The results of obese children, specifically teenagers, range from bulimia, poor self-esteem and body dysmorphia as well as physical and emotional health issues.It has proved to serve as an underlying cause for many pathological conditions which include conditions like diabetes mellitus as well as other diseases that affect the important organ systems of the human body (National Heart Lung and Blood Institute).Obesity has reached epidemic proportions globally, with at least 2.8 million people dying each year as a result of being.Others may argue that it could lead to different diseases like diabetes and heart problems later on.

Over the years the condition has further spread all over the world increasing.Obesity through Mediterranean Diet Obesity is one of the health concerns of the population around the world due to the dangerous effects it can bring about to the health of a person.This is owing to the global increase in the people who suffer from obesity and also owing to the fact that obesity increases the risk of many other pathological conditions.

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Childhood obesity has become a big important issue over the years.

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The disease is comparable to national and global epidemic considering the huge amounts of money spent on controlling it.

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Obesity has become a major health issue in the recent decades.Obesity is a complex, multifactorial condition in which excess body fat may put a person at health risk. Obesity: Assessment and Management in Primary Care.According to the table you gave us, this essay should be divided into 5 paragraphs.

Firstly, lack of control in eating junk food like humburgers and fries which contains lots of fats and salt.Secondly, inadequate exercise.I as gathering some of them from several IELTS-related books.Two of the most common causes of childhood obesity include lack of balanced diet and lack of physical exercises.

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Furthermore, the consumption of unhealthy foods has also increased.

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In particular, course components such as the summary, critique and synthesis provided immense knowledge on my formative writing skills.Hopefully after this activity you are more aware of the affects of obesity.

Nowadays, obesity is becoming more and more common in children than adults, which has alarming effects on the community worldwide.Obesity is perhaps one of the most dangerous health problems increasing at an alarming rate due to various factors most of which are related to the changing lifestyles.

It is important to know that obesity is not just increase in body fat and overweight.Background Information There are important information related to the study of the use of Mediterranean diet in the management of obesity namely the definition of obesity and the components of the.Weight gain happens when energy ingested (food and drink) is more than energy burned off (physical activity).

That will not work because that would upset the processed food companies and also the.It results from excessive overeating of junk food, stress, and lack of physical exercise.Obesity related problems are ovetaking other health related problems,specially in children.There are some reasons behind it,but also lots of preparation going on to overcome these problems.It has also been discovered that obesity is one of the major causes of death with an estimation of above 100,000 people dying every year due to this disease.Technological advancements and developments have led to the promotion of a sedentary lifestyle.

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In the third section, the effects of obesity in terms of physicality and mentality will be discussed in two groups, children and adults.Primary (alimentary constitutional) obesity is not connected with any diseases, and is caused by regular consuming increased amount of calories, lack of exercise, bulimia, and is often of inherited character.

A big size of the budget on farm subsidies is spent on crops like wheat, corn, soybeans,.The first cause for childhood obesity is the rise in fast food consumption.It results from the inactive lifestyle and decreased physical activities along with an increased consumption of fats (Biddle et al 2009).Obesity in America Essay - Obesity has grown so much it can now be said to have replaced smoking as the number one preventable cause of diseases in America.Adolescent and childhood obesity has highly increased in these countries during this modern era as compared to the past.

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