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A classic format for compositions is the five-paragraph essay. This hook also leads into the last, or concluding, paragraph.Maybe even a quote from a third party that really sets the tone for your essay.If your essay is going to be more formal than something like that, maybe you could start with an interesting stat or fact about chocolate milk (or strawberry milk).

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The way a tip of an iceberg notify us of the massive iceberg below the water surface is the way a hook creates an impression on the reader of more interesting literature in the body of the piece of writing.These words, said by former U.S president, Ronald Reagan, accurately captures the everyday mind-set of Simon.I would recommend against starting with a quote about furthering your education.Also, include information about experiences or skills which may be relevant to your application, your expectations of the graduate degree program at Western Illinois University, and the reasons for your interest in an assistantship.

A good hook for persuasive essay would either be a statistic that is cited properly,.I would suggest opening your essay with a story of parents opening up a report card and freaking out over a C grade, then go into your thesis statement arguing that parents should stay calm because all that stress is just going to make the student feel defeated.Another approach would be to describe a specific bullying incident as a way to introduce your topic.

The Audience has a huge range for people who are homeless do this to people who make high dollars do this to a average housewife.You could share a surprising or shocking statistic related to educational environments and their impact on future success and use that to lead into your argument about why a particular school is better than another.In any case, you might find this post super duper helpful for structuring your argumentative essay.Also, I would suggest either focusing just on serial killers or psychopaths (interchanging the two is going to cause problems).I am going to talk about animal cruelty (in 40 min), and it is a really important argumentative speech (sorry for my english).In the case of your teacher or an admissions counselor, you pretty much have a captive audience.

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The point is to write a hook that elicits the types of feelings you want your audience to have.An essay hook to a writer is like a fishing rod to a fisherman.I would start with a story about someone suffering simply because no one was willing to help out with even just the smallest act of charity.Then, your essay will help to show how that crisis could have been avoided by implementing your chosen habit.What specific aspect of Mary Rowlandson will you be discussing.

If you are you arguing in favor of paying students for good grades, you could open with an emotional statement about how hard kids work in school for zero tangible rewards and that earning money can make this effort seem worthwhile.I am applying to a Masters of Psychology with a concentration in Clinical Mental Health.

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Here are a few options for directions you could go on your hook sentence.By writing it last, you can better capture the tone and purpose of your entire writing project.

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Hello, I have a 15 page analytic paper that i have to write about Mary Rowlandson and I need a hook and a thesis.If so, you might find this blog post useful for helping you start.Maybe a statistic for how many people on welfare never got a college degree.A good hook sentence will use only the right words and will be as polished and refined as possible.

I think this guy does a nice job with his hook: As you can see, he sets the stage with a vivid description.This could be a shocking statistic, an interesting quote, a short anecdote, or a fascinating fact among other possibilities.If you are arguing against, you could start with statistics from studies like this one ( ) that show that the improvements that students achieve in grades as a result of getting paid are actually pretty minimal.The best hook for this type of paper would be a brief story about someone doing something that embodies all of these qualities.Your answer could be that you want them to feel frightened, or motivated to action, or warm and fuzzy like they have a cute puppy on their lap, or interested in your life story.

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I downloaded your 14 types of hook sentences (which I found to be very helpful) and thought the most fitting would be.That is statement or assertion that arouses an opinion or response from your reader.

In this scenario, a good hook is the lifeline of your writing.Im writing about the central theme of A Dolls House by Henrik Ibsen and cant think of a hook for my thesis.Make sure you do your research to get the facts right and then turn it into a vivid scenario.You could start with one of his famous quotes (a quick Google search will lead you to some gems) that really sums up the rhetoric, which you can probably see being used in other hate groups as well.You need not only to use hooks in the introductory parts of your essay, but also to use them correctly.You could start out with an interesting statistic about the correlation between happiness and green space in urban settings.

Utilizing a series of rhetoric inquiry can be viable if every rhetoric question draws the reader more profound into comprehension of the exposition.Your answer could be that you want them to be better educated on a certain topic, or that you want them to question reality, or that you want them to believe in love again.

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I am writing about a personal essay for an eye for an eye. can someon please help me on how could i start my essay.In that case you could start with a short story about a positive impact that war has made on an individual or a situation.The idea is to give just a little bit away in the hook, but not the whole story.Beginning an essay can be challenging, even for experienced writers.A quote from the novel that illustrates how women are portrayed would be a great way to start out.Home Overview Stage Dimensions Stage Features Credit List Back Lot Contact.

For example, if you are arguing in favor of homeschooling, you could start by sharing a statistic of success rates experienced by homeschoolers ( ), or a story of one student who turned their home schooling background into a successful future.Im righting an argumentative essay about the media programming us to fear American life. how they promote a world that is cold, heartless, violent and corrupt.Whichever format best complements the topic is the one you should go with.Are you more specifically talking about a particular dynasty in China, perhaps.Can you pls help me with the hook sentence or attention catcher.My Teacher wants about four sentences for the hook, but had thought it was supposed to be around one sentence.

Hi I am writing an argumentative paper on the rich vs the poor do you know any ideas for a hook for this topic.The reason for one or a few rhetoric question in a paper is, therefore, to create a thought before its presentation in the essay.If there was a specific experience that sparked your interest in finance — maybe the first time you earned money or visited a bank — you could definitely start by describing that experience.Can you think of one that you can distill into a few short lines.Or maybe you could start with a statistic about the shocking income disparity in the U.S.For your thesis statement, pick a literary element to focus on (here are some ideas on themes: ) Then for your thesis statement write something like this.As of 2016, suicide has replaced homicide as the second-leading cause of death among U.S. teenagers because of social media bullying.Helping someone is one of the most rewarding feelings in the world, so if you could bring that to life on the page you would draw your reader in for sure.

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