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Walter does not have that intuition that the women in the household have.That does not show great leadership at all, because he could run his family into the ground by chasing after childish things.Mama has run the house successfully up to this point because she is a realist.This was shown when Lena, also known as Mama, tried to tell Walter about Ruth being pregnant and thinking about getting an abortion.

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He indicated that he did not care for her anymore after he knew that she wanted to get an abortion.

About an essay about us. About us. The american dream deferred papers.However, Mama does say that Walter had been going through what he is going through now, for the past few years even though the check has only come recently.At the beginning of the play, Travis asks his mother for 50 cents for a school activity.When she finally told him that Ruth was expecting and planning on getting rid of the baby, Walter was stunned but did not argue with Ruth about not getting an abortion.The only reason Willy cares is because he is trying to pursue the same dream with him.

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If someone were to lead a family, then everything they do has to be for the benefit of their family.

It was incredibly irresponsible to give Willy all that money, especially since part of it belonged to Beneatha.Receive topics for a raisin in the sun is dedicated to provide critical essays.A Raisin In The Sun And Dreams English Literature Essay. A Raisin in the Sun is an epic chronicle of the...It is evident that his family is really trying to work with him because they are putting up with a lot of his rubbish and childish behavior.Are you struggling to write your physician assistant personal.

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He also says that he would pull up in his plain black elegant Chrysler and Ruth would have a Cadillac convertible to do shopping in.May 07, if not entirely well, if not entirely well, and raised in the sun is recognizably.

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If a person lives for themselves, they cannot live to care for others.

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Walter was incredibly irresponsible when he did not go to work for several days.

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Lena Younger has always dreamed of a garden with beautiful flowers in her own yard next to her own house.UKEssays Essays English Literature A Raisin In The Sun Lorraine Hansberry Analysis English Literature Essay.And if it is a problem from within, then it may never change.What is ironic is that he was not listening to the family but he made it seem like they were the ones that did not want to ever listen to him.Someone in his position may never look forward to having that type of lifestyle in seven years.

He just drove out into the country, sat, and stared at things for hours and after that he would go to listen to jazz and drink.

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But of course being the selfish man he is, Walter did the exact opposite.And his irresponsibility is the last factor in showing that he is unfit to play the part.

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Arnold had to take a cab for the three days that Walter did not show up at work.Decision making is definitely something necessary to be excellent at to lead a family down the right path.A Raisin in the Sun, by Lorraine Hansberry, addresses specific problems of a poor black family in the Southside of Chicago during the 1950s.

One decision that demonstrates this was when Walter wanted to open up liquor store with his friends Willy and Bobo.While his idea continued to grow, it caused the family to fight more often, affecting the family as a whole.

Throughout the play, this trait has led him on to make the most terrible decisions.A raisin in the sun essays Mackenna June 23, 2016 Globalization seems to ask questions, and italian small dishes.

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Lorraine Vivian Hansberry was born May 19, 1930 in Chicago, Illinois the youngest by seven years, of four children.

How does the sun is a book review, 000 in our novels famous poets and answers, this game is a large collection of.Walter got so consumed by the thoughts of being rich that he started to ignore Ruth.On pages 108-109 Walter talks to Travis about how in seven years he would come home tired from his office downtown because of conferences and secretaries getting things wrong all the time.So he basically chose his dream over the life of his unborn child.

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Lorraine Hansberrys A Raisin In The Sun English Literature Essay.

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