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This compromise was legislative measures that regulated the extension of slavery in the United States for three decades.The agricultural economy was certainly one cause of the Civil War, but not the only one.Southerners, however, continued to use slave labor on their farms because agriculture was profitable.

This was probably the only case when Southern representatives mentioned that even though slaves.The South especially needed more slaves at this time because they were now growing more cotton then ever because of the invention of the cotton gin.Causes of Civil War Essay.The American Civil War was a grave turning point in the history of North America.

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Missouri and Maine were to enter statehood simultaneously to preserve sectional equality in the Senate.All of these views eventually led to an attack on the slavery system in the South, and showed opposition to its spread into whatever new territories that were acquired.

Bruce Chadwick, a former journalist, is a historian, lecturer, and author of 28 books on various topics including the Civil War.American Civil War reenactment is an effort to recreate the appearance of a.Many felt that the new constitution ignored the rights of states to continue to act independently.

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States versus federal rights Since the time of the Revolution, two camps emerged: those arguing for greater states rights and those arguing that the federal government needed to have more control.Causes of the american civil war. This essay has been submitted by a.So now Congress passed the Compromise Measures of 1850 during August of 1850.

The American Civil War led to the largest loss of American lives than.Nathan Peace. Freedom to do what people wanted to do is what caused the American Civil war only on a much.

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Causes of the American Civil War Essays: Over 180,000 Causes of the American Civil War Essays,.The war raged for four years, from 1861 to 1865, and was marked by some of the fiercest military campaigns in modern history.Pro-slavery advocates in California, for example, wanted slaves to prospect for gold and build gold and silver mines.The South was based on the plantation system while the North was focused on city life.

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The Causes of the Civil War essays The American Civil War was the bloodiest.Sugar and tobacco became the most profitable to meet European demands for crops that did not grow in the colder European climate.

The North also wanted internal improvements sponsored by the federal government.Several other southern cities, such as Louisville, Mobile, and Charleston, had more than 20,000 residents each and were listed among the largest urban places in the U.S.Now the balance of 11 free states and 11 slave states was in trouble.

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At the Constitutional Convention the South had to agree to three-fifths compromise, when 5 slaves counted as 3 free men toward representation in Congress.

They felt that the states should still have the right to decide if they were willing to accept certain federal acts.They began to arrive in the early 1600s to work on farms that grew a number of different crops.We now come forward to sustain him in this day of trial, and to encourage him in our feeble way to stand like a man of iron for the rights and the honor of North-Carolina.

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This resulted in the idea of nullification, whereby the states would have the right to rule federal acts unconstitutional.

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