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Hearsay evidence is that evidence, which the witness has not learnt through his own bodily senses, but learnt through the media of others.This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.Section 195 (1) (b) of the Code provides that no court shall take cognizance inter-alia of the offence of perjury under Sections 193 to 195 except on the complaint in writing of that court or of the court to which that court is subordinate.

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Section 30 POTA 2002 is on the same lines as Section 16 TADA, 1987.One is a ruthless killer and the other, Books mate is obviously supporting Book and free from a corrupt lifestyle.

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Witnesses therefore should be shown the respect and gratitude which they are actually worth of.Toilet facility, drinking water and other amenities like food and refreshment even are not provided.However sometimes in certain occasions, the circumstances of the cases make it necessary to obtain the opinion of third parties who is not at all related to the case.The burden or proof goes on the shoulder of advocate to show how the relevancy of facts is concerned and he should prove the authentication of the evidence.

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In other words, an expert is a skilful professional in particular field capable of possessing specialized knowledge concerning the matter in issue, which a common man cannot possess.To prove about the bad activities of the individual prior to this act.In New Zealand, under Section 13A of the (New Zealand) Evidence Act, 1908 (introduced 1986), protection is available to undercover officers in cases involving drug offences and offences tried on indictment attracting a maximum penalty of at least 7 years imprisonment.I however the circumstances indicate that the life of any particular witness is in danger, the court must take such measures as are necessary to keep the identity of the witness secret and make arrangements to ensure protection to the witness without affecting the right of the accused to cross examine him.

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Section 343 prescribes the procedure to be followed in dealing with the case.Therefore the High Courts should take measure through training and supervision to sensitize the judges of their responsibility to protect the rights of the witnesses.The Evidence Act requires to be looked into afresh to provide for protection to a witness.

The power of the court to exclude the public or to direct screening of the witnesses or to give evidence by close circuit television is provided under Section 13G.

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Fool proof arrangements should be made to see that the allowances are paid immediately away.By the evidence of persons who testify that they, from their knowledge of the witness, believe him to be unworthy or credit.

An agreement should be in writing for the completion of agreement with all terms, and then it becomes the final agreement.The witness is entitled to be treated with courtesy when he arrives for giving evidence.Page 1 enerally, 1975, god and resistance of the book, although concise co-existing is a role of.Such as if any body wants to know about a relevant fact that is by the evidence.Thus it is seen that the courts response to the serious problem of perjury is rather one of utter indifference.There is no such burden of proof on the party seeking judicial notice.The other aspect is the physical and mental vulnerability of the witness and to the taking care of his or her welfare in various respects which call for physical protection of the witness at all stages of the criminal justice process till the conclusion of the case.Therefore it can be clearly seen that the courts are negligent in the way that they treat the witnesses.

Further, both aspects of anonymity and witness protection will have to be ensured in all criminal cases involving grave crimes not limited to terrorist crimes.Witness essays - Secure Essay Writing Help - Get Professional Help With Affordable Essays, Research Papers and up to Dissertations Of The Best Quality Top-Quality.In case of absence of direct evidence then circumstantial evidence can be resorted to.

Steps should therefore be taken to ensure that the witnesses are paid allowances on the same day if the case is adjourned.The order under Section 340 is appealable under Section 341 of the Code.Privileged Communications means a right given to the person to with hold evidence to disclose or not to disclose certain matters.They are range from with numerous assignments and tasks that the time research of the author research papers, term papers, cope with the students earn for.He sacrifices his time and takes the trouble to travel all the way to the court to give evidence.The purpose of the cross-examination is not confined to limited extent, but extends to whole of the case.Due to the repetition of the statements, the original fact is added several concocted and silly things.The witnesses should not be punished by denying him his rightful expenses for no fault of his own.

Christopher Wilson June 25, 2017 Major assignment: Eye witness To start off this essay I would first like to put out what exactly an eye witness is considered.The defendant was convicted of an offence of drug trafficking.They contain rules regarding witness and their examination on the basis of documents and what facts.There are two kinds of evidence as follows.

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The lawyer for the defence in order to demonstrate that the witness is not truthful or a reliable person would ask all sorts of questions to him.The Witness of the Spirit is a clear and comprehensive treatment of the teaching of the Word of God concerning the inner witness of the Spirit of God.Thus the original fact disappears and false comes to appearance.When the witness goes to the court for giving evidence there is hardly any officer of the court who will be there to receive him, provide a seat and tell him where the court he is to give evidence is located or to give him such other assistance as he may need.

There is no doubt there is statutory sanction against the witnesses making false statements in the court.Materiality along with the value of probation has two characteristics, which makes relevant evidence by the providing items.Witness directly such as at the time of cause of action witness was present as well.The South African courts have permitted the witness to give evidence behind close doors or to give witness anonymity.When a man is prosecuted for rape or an attempt to ravish, it may be shown that the prosecutrix was of generally immoral character.

Court must pay attention on the trustworthiness of the witness.As per the American jurisprudence, demonstrative evidence is one type of evidence, which must be relevant with the case.

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Sub-section (5) of Section 13C provides for the factors to be accounted for by the court and sub-section (6), the conditions to be fulfilled.

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We identify critical situations and teach those affected by them the basics of video production, safe and ethical filming techniques, and advocacy strategies.Similarly, due courtesy should be shown to him when he enters the court for giving evidence.

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