Blog piss stories lesbian peeing story

blog piss stories lesbian peeing story

I came across This story the other day and thought some would enjoy it Dear Denise You asked me about my preferences.
“A little pee between lovers can be enjoyable,” she answered. "So you are telling me if I had let my bladder go, that it would not have bothered.
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She pulled them back up, followed by her shorts. Now entombed in the layers, she waits for the perfect moment to test her will power and strength. She started slowly at first, rubbing her pussy as she sniffed the aroma from the vial. I have to pee right now. I slid my first finger against her clit and my middle one against her pee hole and just fluttered them a little, making her moan. Her legs dancing up and down by themselves, thighs clamped tightly together though that had little effect through the many layers.

My heart was pounding and I pinterest wedding photography spanish hills ventura county interesting to hold the wheel tight to stop my hands from trembling. We expect it will take about thirty minutes to clear. She pulled out the cork and put it to her nose. I reached up to tickle the rim of her ficke meine arbeitskollegin spritz fotze voll. You look at me intently. It was moments away.

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  • Feeling bold, I take my mouth off your cock without spilling any of the pee in my mouth.
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Beth shot to her feet, wobbling dizzily, reaching out with her hand. Beth had expected to be touching herself that night, so to have someone else do it to her was incredible, especially after being single all this time. Looking her dead in the eye, she ran her finger along her dampened slit and spread the wetness over her crotch, making her trimmed pussy stand out in all its fleshy wonder, she was not only wet with piss, but with excitement as well as evidenced by the extreme puffiness of her labia, seen clearly now through the gauze of her semi translucent panties. She screamed out loud as her climax took over her, bright lights flashing in her eyes even though they were closed, the finger in her arse gripped tightly, pulled inwards.