Article creepiest comic book characters time

article creepiest comic book characters time

Challenge: Name a creepier comic book character than these. If you're not so creeped out after this list you just want to go play tennis or plant.
10 Insanely Creepy Comic - Book Supervillains There's probably no purer example of the character's Dexter- times -Hannibal-squared madness . awesomely perverse characters could have easily filled this whole article.
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Also, I have to admit that I hoped Scarecrow would make the list! Unlike the other characters on the list, their story takes place in a parallel universe, on another Earth.

The character eventually appeared in a Cinemax-worthy turn on Smallville a show that tastefully dealt with similar issues in other episodes by using heat vision as a metaphor for premature ejaculationbut the idea of a baby-crazed superwoman wanting to make Superman an absentee dad was just messed up, "article creepiest comic book characters time", in any medium. WHY HE IS ON THE LIST: Doomsday is the ultimate killing machine and the toughest enemy the Man of Steel has ever faced. They cannot be defeated without the Green Lantern energy and whoever they kill becomes a Black Lantern, too! Family therapy was called. Dude's got range. He has defeated many superheroes and super-villains--even Darkseid himself, the master of all evil! Twin children of Magneto, this brother-sister pair ultimately became Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch…annnnd romantically involved. This Famous Singer Secretly Voiced A 'Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. After gathering many acolytes, he spent many years in suspended animation, preparing himself in order to take over the world someday! Let This Baileys-Laced Irish Iced Coffee Bring You Back From the Dead. You're supposed to honor your elders with your gift, not gross them. Keene what boutique illustrations by Betty Alden, Pierre Dib, Esther Cardenas and the author. Incest earns you major creepy points. Book Comic books Comic book characters The o'jays Articles Comic Book characters Digg Title Digg Url Starfox Aka Creepiest Comic Aka Eros Time Cracked Super Lame Comic Book Characters Comic Books Forward Fun Around the World by Frances W. Superman Returns in New Justice League Promo Art. He destroyed his own homeworld in order to create a planet to rule! In addition to the abilities granted to them by the rings, Black Lanterns retain any superpowers they may have had in life. As the millennia passed, Apocalypse traveled around the world, posing as a god and convincing more people to follow. GIF of the Day.